Web Analytics & Reporting

One of the most important things you can do to determine your business is making progress or is undeserving in certain aspects is by keeping track of your marketing efforts.

KME’s web analytics and reporting team has the skill and experience to efficiently gather and measure your leads to see which aspects of your business or website is drawing in your audience. Our industry-leading custom reporting, pro-activeness, and responsiveness can detect where you could use improvements to further the growth of your business.

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What Can We Do?

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Identify Trends

Record trends based on seasonality, annual comparisons, and a user’s behavior flow through:

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Call Tracking

Track calls coming from different channels, such as:

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Utilize Analytics Dashboard

Use Google Data Studio (or DataBox if using HubSpot and Google Analytics) to obtain a:

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Event Tracking

Track a user’s behavior and interaction with your site including:

HeatMap Website Analytics

Becoming findable in a local We offer businesses the resources they need to understand their clients and how the user experience can be improved. Our web analytics and reporting experts utilize heatmaps to get a better idea of how users are interacting with your website and see what their audience is focused on. Heatmaps provide our clients with narrowed down metrics or percentages, which can strengthen the connection a business makes with their audience and ultimately drive success. Here are a few features of our heatmap services:

Click Map

People reading your blog content may be clicking on the images thinking it will enlarge the image, but are left with nothing. Once this is brought to our attention, we will know individuals want to see the larger images and will implement lightboxes of these to link directly to the larger media file.

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Our advertising services are personally designed to drive your business to the forefront. We track all digital marketing campaigns that require no spend minimums or percentage fees.

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