Responsive Web Design

Websites that work are responsive.

There are many aspects of a user’s web experience that define a responsive web design. While a responsive design has the ability to work on a range of devices – smartphones, tablets, desktops and more – it can also stretch your web presence so it reaches your target audience. Our seasoned web development team can create a website that automatically responds to every user’s preferences and adjusts as necessary to the device being used to view your website.

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What Makes Our Client Websites Responsive?

Responsive web designs pave way to a natural viewing experience for users across multiple platforms. Our web development team keeps you informed during each step of our web development process with custom reporting, action items, deliverables, and obtaining your approval on every change to make sure it aligns with the ethos of your business. Once your website has been launched, we ensure it is SEO-ready and supports traffic generated through advertising of custom landing pages and contact options.

Here are a couple of responsive design features that our experts incorporate or keep in mind to allow your website to remain relevant and function with ease:

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Media Queries

This allows our developers to serve different layouts based on the user agent’s properties such as screen size and orientation.

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Depending on the type of device the user has and considering the current viewing environment, our websites have the capability to accommodate the many different device sizes available.

Benefits of A Responsive Web Design

In today’s digital landscape, the number of mobile device users continues to rise and having a responsive website design is of the utmost importance. Our web design experts have years of industry-leading experience you can rely on to implement a web design that’s fully functional, easy to navigate, and an overall fluid and enjoyable user experience. Here’s what you can receive with a KME responsive web design:

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Dedicated web development team & account executive (AE)

Custom design

Unlimited style options that embodies your brand

Enhanced website performance

Extends messaging to your target audience

Presents well across all devices

Increased ROI

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Dedicated web development team & account executive (AE)

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Custom design

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Unlimited style options that embodies your brand

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Enhanced Website Performance

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Extends messaging to your target audience

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Presents well across all devices

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Increased ROI

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Don't let your website fall behind on the times!