Design Tips for Better Facebook Ads

by Avatar in Design, Social, Technology October 18, 2016

Facebook is the advertising platform of the future. On a daily basis, 1.13 billion active users visit the social network, and these daily users account for 66% of monthly active users*. This means that not only are Facebook ads reaching a large audience, they are also reaching an engaged audience.

If you decide to pay for Facebook advertising, you want to make sure that you display the most effective and well-designed ads possible. Here are a few design tips for creating Facebook ads:

Use High Quality Photos

Make sure to use attractive, high resolution photos when creating your ad graphic. Use photographs with bright product imagery or lifestyle captures. Videos are also a great tool, but again – they must be high quality and high resolution.

Keep it Simple and to the Point

Keep the text that is on the creative simple and minimal. There is space for a longer description in the text of the Facebook post, but the text (if any) on the ad creative should be minimal, following the 20% text rule.

20% Text Rule

In the past, Facebook disapproved ads with text occupying more than 20% of the image. Now, ads with more than 20% text can be approved, but they will usually display less often, and sometimes not at all. Because of this, we recommend that all Facebook ad creative still follow the 20% rule, combining relevant images with minimal text. Facebook’s research has shown that consumers prefer ads with only a little bit of text. Click here to use Facebook’s online tool to check what percentage of text your ad contains.

Use the News Feed to Your Advantage

User experience is what makes Facebook such a powerful social media tool. Make sure the user is the focus of your ad. The ad creative should portray an experience–showing someone using the product rather than just a picture of the product.

Fight Ad Fatigue

Be sure to refresh your ad creative every week or two to ensure the best performance. If everyone in your target audience has been exposed to your ad many times, it becomes more expensive to reach the desired results.

Facebook ads are a great way to reach a specific demographic, and if you practice?the Facebook ad best practices we mentioned, you will surely see great results! If you have any questions or want advice on successful Facebook advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us over at in Fairfax, VA!

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